General Statement Research on high-polymer fucoidan

Research achievements on anticancer effects and the reduction of side-effects related to anticancer drugs

  • Anticancer effects (animal clinical tests)
  • Reduction of side-effects (human clinical tests)

Research achievements on prevention of lifestyle-related diseases and reduction of disease risks

  • Gout
  • Thrombosis
  • Joint pain

Research achievements to live a comfortable life

  • Enteral environment
  • Hangover

What's Fucoidan

  • What is high-polymer fucoidan?
  • History of fucoidan research


  • The development trajectory of our fucoidan production technology
  • The Cadre of Professional Researchers for fucoidan


  • Academic papers
  • Application of Patents
  • Presentations at academic conferences
  • Joint research
  • Fucoidan Tsushin News Letter
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Academic papers

Academic papers in International magazines

Fucoidan reduces the toxicity of chemotherapy side-effects for patients with unresectable or advanced or current colorectal cancer (Reducing effects of side-effects of anticancer drugs by fucoidan): Oncology Letters 2 (2), 319-322 (2011).

Ikeguchi M1), Yamamoto M1), Arai Y1), Maeda Y1), Ashida K1), Kashino K1), Miki Y2), Kimura T2)

1): Tottori University Faculty of Medicine Surgical Oncology
2): Marine Products Kimuraya Co., Ltd.

Academic papers in Japanese magazines

Effects of mozuku fucoidan on experimentally damaged cartilaginous tissue: Research of glucosamine 6,37-43 (2010).

Kitahara K1), Minami S1), Okamoto Y1), Imagawa T1), Tsuka T1), Kawamoto H2), Miki Y2), Saimoto H3)

1): Tottori University Faculty of Medicine Surgical Oncology
2): Marine Products Kimuraya Co., Ltd.
3): Tottori University Graduate School of Engineering Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology

Effects of Mozuku Fucoidan on defecation and fecal condition in humans: Yonago Igaku Zasshi 61(4,5), 122-128 (2010).

Abe S2), Hiramatsu K1), Ichikawa O1), Ikeda T1),Kawamoto H2), Kasagi T2), Miki Y2)

1): Tottori University, Faculty of Medicine, School of Health Science, Adult & Gerontological
2): Marine Products Kimuraya Co., Ltd.

Functionality of Mozuku fucoidan: Japan Food Science 48(7), 53-57 (2009).

Matsuda H, Marine Products Kimuraya Co., Ltd.

Effects of fucoidan from mozuku on human stomach cell lines: Food Science and Technology Research 12 (3), 218-222 (2006).

Kawamoto H1),2) Miki Y1), Kimura T1), Tanaka K2), Nakagawa T3), Kawamukai M2), Matsuda H2)

1): Marine Products Kimuraya Co., Ltd.
2): Shimane University Faculty of Life & Environmental Science Department of Biological Science
3): Shimane University Faculty of Life & Environmental Science Gene Testing Facility

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