General Statement Research on high-polymer fucoidan

Research achievements on anticancer effects and the reduction of side-effects related to anticancer drugs

  • Anticancer effects (animal clinical tests)
  • Reduction of side-effects (human clinical tests)

Research achievements on prevention of lifestyle-related diseases and reduction of disease risks

  • Gout
  • Thrombosis
  • Joint pain

Research achievements to live a comfortable life

  • Enteral environment
  • Hangover

What's Fucoidan

  • What is high-polymer fucoidan?
  • History of fucoidan research


  • The development trajectory of our fucoidan production technology
  • The Cadre of Professional Researchers for fucoidan


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A Cadre of Professional Fucoidan Researchers

We are advancing research on the functions of high- polymer fucoidan.

Minoru Funakoshi

Minoru Funakoshi, Ph.D.

Chief researcher of R&D Division

Main project: Research on the material sea algae and the character of fucoidan

I am engaged in research on fucoidan from sea algae except mozuku and kinds of other polysaccharides to compare their effects. In addition, I am continuing to apply microbiological technique for revealing the functions of fucoidan.

Sunao Abe

Sunao Abe

Senior researcher of R&D Division 

Main project: Research on the relationship between maintaining human health and fucoidan intake

I am exploring the functionality of fucoidan by conducting research on healthy people. I am working on the commercialization of new uses for fucoidan and am working to publish scientific findings on fucoidan.

Satoshi Kasagi

Satoshi Kasagi, Ph.D.

Researcher of R&D Division

Main project: Data collection and analysis about fucoidan information

I collect and analyze a vast amount of information on fucoidan and its functions, and formulate research plans.In addition, using my experience and knowledge in fisheries science research, I am working to further broaden the use of fucoidan and its seaweed functions.

Technical advisor

Takeshi Kasagi

Takeshi Kasagi, M.D.

Emeritus professor of Tottori University

Specialty: physiology (taste, digestion and absorption mechanism in human body)

Main project: survey and analysis of unknown fucoidan functionality

I study the various functionalities of fucoidan by researching the mechanism of action and how the health component works, with an emphasis on ethical aspects.

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