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Research achievements on anticancer effects and the reduction of side-effects related to anticancer drugs

  • Anticancer effects (animal clinical tests)
  • Reduction of side-effects (human clinical tests)

Research achievements on prevention of lifestyle-related diseases and reduction of disease risks

  • Gout
  • Thrombosis
  • Joint pain

Research achievements to live a comfortable life

  • Enteral environment
  • Hangover

What's Fucoidan

  • What is high-polymer fucoidan?
  • History of fucoidan research


  • The development trajectory of our fucoidan production technology
  • The Cadre of Professional Researchers for fucoidan


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A Cadre of Professional Fucoidan Researchers

We are advancing research on the functions of high- polymer fucoidan.

Yasunari Miki

Yasunari Miki

Director, Head of R&D Division of Marine Products Kimuraya Co., Ltd.

A specialist in mechanical engineering and microbiology.

He started joint research on microbiological control with Shimane University in 1994, developed his ultrafiltration F technology for extraction and refinement of fucoidan, designed and manufactured equipment and plant to produce fucoidan, and established mass production facilities for fucoidan.
He has carried out 21 joint research projects with Tottori University since 2005. He has verified "Fucoidan’s effectiveness in reducing side-effects caused by anticancer drugs" in the joint researches and clinical tests.
Minoru Funakoshi

Ph.D. Minoru Funakoshi

Chief researcher of R&D Division of Marine Products Kimuraya Co., Ltd.

He completed Kyushu University, Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medical Sciences in 2000 and obtained a Ph.D.
He is a specialist in genetics, molecular biology and biochemistry and has a strong track record in genetic assay and biochemical assay using microorganisms such as budding yeast, and performed analysis of molecular mechanism which eukaryotic cells own commonly, at Kyushu University and at Yale University.
Dr. Funakoshi is now preparing a practice research project of fucoidan using gene analysis technology and molecular biology technology.

Hitoshi Kawamoto

Ph.D. Hitoshi Kawamoto

Senior researcher at R&D Division of Marine Products Kimuraya Co., Ltd.

He completed Tottori University, the United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences and obtained a degree in Doctor of Agriculture.
He is a specialist in applied chemistry and cell engineering.
Experimenting fucoidan’s antibacterial activity against E. coli O-157, fucoidan’s anticancer activity by the level of cell and animal test level, and suppression activity of side-effects caused by anticancer drugs.
Currently, he performs boundary experiments and analyses with fucoidan in order to link scientific knowledge obtained at cell level experiments and animal tests to human clinical test.

Sunao Abe

Mr. Sunao Abe

Researcher of R&D Division of Marine Products Kimuraya Co., Ltd.

He completed the University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences.
He is a specialist in molecular biology and biochemistry.
He worked in a joint research project with Tottori University Faculty of Medicine on improving the enteral environment and the lowering of concentrations of acetaldehyde and ethanol by ingesting fucoidan before taking alcoholic drinks.
He also performed safety examinations assessing health condition by excess and long-term ingestion of fucoidan, in order to apply for "Food for Specified Healthy Use".
Currently, he is working on new fucoidan functions to improve the flavor of alcohol.

Shunsuke Kajitani

Mr. Shunsuke Kajitani

Researcher of R&D Division of Marine Products Kimuraya Co., Ltd.

He completed Hokkaido University, Graduate School of Fisheries Sciences in2012. He is a specialist in Bio-resources and Marine ecology.
At Hokkaido University, he carried out research on analysis of eating habits which is a key to clarify mechanism of change in fish-resources.
Currently with statistical technology he is performing how to make assessment of difference of fucoidan from other functional substances, by analysis of factors of various influences which fucoidan provides.

Takeshi Kasagi

Prof. Emeritus Ph.D. Takeshi Kasagi, Tottori University

Technical Advisor of Marine Products Kimuraya Co., Ltd.

He obtained a degree in Ph.D. at Tottori University.
He is a specialist in physiology and researching, especially taste and digestion/absorption from various aspects.
As a technical advisor, he coordinates joint research with universities, and offers clinical tests for healthy persons from the medical perspective.
He is mainly instructing from the ethical aspects, improvement activity of enteral environment by fucoidan, reducing activity of ethanol/acetaldehyde at the time of drinking alcohol by fucoidan, safety test of fucoidan.

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